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Owlthorpe Community Forum

Owlthorpe Community Forum Contact Owlthorpe Community Forum by sending an E-mail to > The aims of the Forum are: To promote the safeguarding of the local environment. To raise awareness and respect for the wildlife in our community. To increase local recycling in the Owlthorpe area. To reduce litter in the Owlthorpe area. To improve Community Safety in the Owlthorpe area. To improve public transport links in the Owlthorpe area. The objectives of the Forum are: To highlight the lack of facilities within the Owlthorpe area and to try to get this improved. To engage with local councillors, council officers and other community groups to ensure Owlthorpe is well represented in any decision making process. To be consulted as a community group in matters relating to the Owlthorpe area. To publicise meetings, events & activities which are held in addition to the Forum's committee meetings. To fund raise and expend monies raised or received from any source on these aims and objectives. The Forum is available to anyone living in Owlthorpe and the wider community irrespective of sexuality, religion, race, ethnic or cultural origins, disability or age. The Forum will not accept, and will challenge, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour,

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