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Friends of Zion Graveyard, Attercliffe

Friends of Zion Graveyard, Attercliffe The search for the final resting place of Victorian philanthropists Joseph and Elizabeth Read and their eldest daughter Mary Anne Rawson, one of the leading anti-slavery campaigners of the nineteenth century, led to the surprising discovery of a locked and forgotten graveyard in the industrial area of Attercliffe, Sheffield, UK. The disused burial ground, all that remains of the once grand Zion Congregational Church, had been advertised for sale, with the possibility that the memorial stones from more than 58 graves could be moved and the land used as a car park or if the land were to be used for building, the deceased could be exhumed and remains reburied elsewhere at the developers expense, but not necessarily in separate graves. We want to see this historic graveyard preserved intact and cared for. Over the last twenty years the site has been shut away and has become a haven for wildlife that would be ordinary else where but is rare in industrial Attercliffe

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