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Wadsley Church Community Graveyard Group

Wadsley Church Community Graveyard Group Group formed to improve and maintain this 6 acre graveyard. Thegraveyard is over 6 acres and contains the remains of about 10,000 people, mostly buried between 1834 and 1950. There are no spare plots available but we still have occasional burials into family graves with space. We have a small area where cremated ashes can be buried. There are 53 war graves (49 WW1 and 4 WW2). Near the Vainor Road entrance there is a memorial and the graves of 23 soldiers from the nearby Wharncliffe War Hospital. The other war graves are scattered throughout the graveyard in family graves. We have 29 victims of the 1864 Great Sheffield Flood, and 6 headstones mention the reservoir bursting. A large grass area contains the remains of over 2500 paupers from the South Yorkshire Asylum buried between 1872 and 1948. The graveyard is looked after by volunteers, mainly Tony Jordan and John Adamson, others would be very welcome. Some areas are left overgrown for wildlife and other areas are left for wild flowers and only cut annually. There are over 1000 headstones and we have an index and records of the inscriptions and also information about the many graves without headstones. We make a £10 minimum charge for records enquiries.

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