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Nature Emergency for Sheffield

Date Friday 21st May 2021
Time 0:00 until
Meet At Nature Recovery Sheffield
Organised By Nature Recovery Sheffield
Description FAQ What is Nature Recovery Sheffield? There are many people in Sheffield who have been urging Sheffield City Council to declare a biological or ecological emergency. To support this,a group of us have decided to work together on what we’re now calling the 'Nature Emergency'. We feel more people will understand this term and what might be involved in a Nature Recovery plan for Sheffield. We want to work with organisations, businesses and individuals across the city to find solutions for the Nature Emergency. It’s crucial we find solutions that are great for people and great for nature, solutions that also help tackle the climate crisis .Who are we? Current groups and organisations involved include Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield Green Parents, Diocese of Sheffield, Sheffield Climate Alliance, Sheffield Friends of the Earth, Owlthorpe Fields Action Group and Kids Plant Trees. We are asking hundreds of people and organisations to join Nature Recovery Sheffield so it has the biggest impact possible. We realise the declaration is the first step. It isn’ tthe answer - it’s the start of finding solutions for many long-term and complex problems. We can, however,start looking at quick-wins and short-term goals, and we see the declaration as the kick-starter for this. Declaration day - Friday 21st May. We have set Friday 21st May to declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield. We picked this day as it’s the nearest Friday to World Biodiversity Day on Saturday 22nd May. We were also mindful of declaring after the local council election,but as soon as possible to make some progress. It is an emergency after all! We want people, businesses and organisations to declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield on their social media channels, through word of mouth,by putting a poster in the window, in their marketing emails or on websites etc. We simply want people to say “I declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield’ or for families, businesses and organisationsto state ‘We declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield.”Overview of the plan:Lead up to May 21st- we are calling on people across Sheffield to show their support for the declaration by signing up here. We will needyour name and email address so we can send you more helpful information. Friday 21st May- we will declare a Nature Emergency by stating this on social media channels, websites and marketing emails, by putting up posters etc. We would also lik epeople to send pictures, videos and reasons why you’ve joined the declaration for us to share on our Nature Recovery Sheffield page .Email - After the declaration - We will set up an initial consultation meeting with partners including businesses/political bodies and individuals/funding organisations who will need to be engaged to enable change.We will work together on targets and a timeline for achieving our aims. We will measure success to make sure our plan is working. What about Sheffield City Council? We are talking to Sheffield City Council about ou rplans and hope they will declare an emergency soon. The council is vital to the successof Sheffield’s Nature Recovery plan. The council declared a Climate Emergency in January 2019. We hope they will declare a Nature Emergency soon and work with us to find solutions that address both the climate and ecological crises. Why are we doing this? Nature is in trouble - we are losing our wildlife at a faster rate than ever before. The UK is one of the most ‘nature depleted’ countries in the world, and right on our doorstep, here in Sheffield, we are losing our wildlife because of - Habitat loss and destruction, such as the loss of important sites for housing, or the burning of our moorlands;Wildlife being hunted and persecuted, including themountain hare ; increasing threats from pests and disease, for example ash-dieback; Invasive plants and animals squeezing out our local wildlife; - Pollution of land and water, including the excess use of pesticides - The climate crisis making it harder for all wildlife to survive and thrive - Limited opportunities for people of all ages to experience,enjoy and connect with nature
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Type of Event Natural History
Primary Focus General Interest
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